Thank you for 37 years of service, Jane Renke, and to all of our volunteers with January anniversaries!

VounteerYearsCurrent Volunteer Roles
Jane Renke37Lobby Front Desk
Carol Johnson15Conversation Companion
Julia Scholten13Center for Heath & Fitness Front Desk
Charlotte Lesser4Power 9 Advisory Board
Sue Shehade3LiveWell Garden Angel
Debbie Bross2Conversation Companion
Dennis Heck2Conversation Companion & Errand Volunteer
Dietrich Jache2Conversation Companion
Peggy Kramer2Purpose Convener
Melinda Palmer2Conversation Companion & Lobby Front Desk
Dorothea Rosen2Conversation Companion & Lobby Front Desk
Mimi Shanahan2Conversation Companion
Danika Allmon1Event Volunteer
Andrea Archambault1Event Volunteer

We will be celebrating all the fabulous BCHD volunteers at the Volunteer Recognition Brunch on April 30th so please save the date!