“I like that volunteering gets me outside of myself.”

Arnette Travis is a Blue Zones Project Restaurant Ambassador. She got started volunteering after attending a Purpose workshop sponsored by BCHD in 2013. She realized that she needed to get involved with her community, especially as she was working from home.

In her role as a Restaurant Ambassador, Arnette builds relationships with restaurants in the community so they may become certified as a Blue Zones restaurant. The certification is based on a point system, wherein the restaurant receives points for healthy practices, like making sure healthy items are available and easy to find on the menu. The Ambassador program is led by Barbara Ramsey-Duke, Grocery & Restaurant Specialist for the Blue Zones Project®, who guides the restaurants through the certification process. Barbara said, “Arnette is a powerhouse who has been helping create healthy change throughout the South Bay.”

There are currently over 100 Blue Zones certified restaurants and five grocery stores in the three beach communities. The events Arnette envisioned and helped organize at Artesia Market have been successful in promoting the wonderful fresh produce available in North Redondo Beach.

Arnette, like the other restaurant ambassadors, is a very welcoming presence at monthly Wine @ 5 social events, held in Blue Zones restaurants. Ambassadors also encourage individuals to make a pledge to follow the Power 9®guiding principles of the Blue Zones healthy lifestyle.

Arnette grew up in Kentucky, but knew that that was not the place for her. She also lived in Michigan, San Francisco and New York City. She eventually wound up in Redondo Beach, which instantly felt like home. Arnette is married and has two daughters. She worked as a stockbroker/financial advisor for over 20 years, and currently has her own insurance advisory business. She is involved with local issues and is on the board of the North Redondo Beach Business Association. She recently joined the Center for Health and Fitness at BCHD and looks forward to increasing her physical activity.