Kate happily escaped Chicago winters to join us at BCHD. Having begun her role in November, she is excited to be a part of BCHD and get to know volunteers and community members. Kate works in Volunteer Services, a part of the Human Resources department.  She works closely with all the volunteer supervisors to recruit, orient and recognize volunteers throughout the District.  She is responsible for the Purpose Connector volunteer program that helps match and place individuals to volunteer opportunities at the District, and she oversees the volunteer database, volunteer orientation process, and reporting of hours, number of volunteers and other key information to the community. She is also responsible for this volunteer newsletter!

With a strong background in volunteerism, and leading volunteer groups, Kate has been an advocate for volunteerism since she was a student. Her personal philosophy is that volunteering can help a person have a positive impact on personal passions, build employment skills and feel more connected to one’s community while making friends with common interests. Kate is a nature lover and came to Southern California to be closer to year-round good weather, the ocean, mountains, and desert. Kate loves to hike, camp, dance, listen to music, attend classical music performances, visit museums, eat great food and explore. You can reach her at 310-374-3426 or kate.ekman@bchd.org.

Please take a moment to reach out welcome Kate the next time you see her!