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November Planks, Thanks, and Giving Challenge

Plank and give thanks for someone or something in your life each day of the month! This can be done at home with the whole family!

Between work, family time, and fitness, it can often feel like there’s only time in the day to pick two out of three. But why not combine activities by improving your fitness as a family?

Celebrate Fall
The PLANKS Challenge will work your entire body, but more specifically your core and arms. Each day in November, or Monday – Friday, alternate a :30s plank with :30s rest for 5-minutes. If this is too easy and you need a challenge you can extend your time or incorporate plank variations: side plank, reverse plank, alternating hands to elbows planks, one-foot in the air planks – go crazy!
For the THANKS Challenge (staff favorite), have your child write down something they are thankful for each day (no matter how small). Your health, family, friends, hugs, tacos, the beach, a pet, there’s so much to be THANKFUL for! Then while doing your planks, encourage your child to share what they wrote down for the day. They can also fill out our "Thankful For" checklist.
For the GIVING Challenge, encourage your child to give back to your community this month. Any contribution large or small will be appreciated. So, get creative with this…wash mom’s car; take the garbage out; donate food and blankets to an animal shelter; make cookies for your neighbor; reach out to a friend and invite them to a playdate at AdventurePlex. Any act of kindness counts!
This fun family challenge encourages kids to be active while also reflecting on all there is to be thankful for in their lives. So have fun and Happy PlanksGiving!